Sunday, 8 May 2016

Persecuted Billionaire Has Tantrum, Takes Toys Home

If you want to be a prick, take advice from the master.

First of all, let me explain that this column is not a joke because we count on these guys for our tax base. They pay a large share of taxes. They have, therefore, an enormous amount of leverage in these situations.  I still think this is a shitty-ass thing to do.

After careful reflection, this is what I have to say on this topic:

In the end, Murray Edwards, you're just a human being and a Canadian like the rest of us. That means that some day, you'll be pushing up daisies and the $800 million of Canadian Natural Resources shares you own and the $56 million in annual dividends they pay out will be worthless to you. Think about how staggering those numbers are to 99.99% of the population, and that's only like 25% of your wealth. Yet here you are, abandoning the province that gave you everything while its probably in the worst shape its ever been in. I don't like a lot of the ignorant, moralistic, anti-business bs I read on the internet, but you're going too far. You can't hide under the "persecuted successful businessman" cloak. Alberta's gonna take 33% from you after three decades they basically took nothing. How much $$$ do you need? I guess we'll find out when the names in the Panama Papers are released tomorrow. And even if you're not in there, this action is a disgrace to your city, province, and country.