Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Justin Trudeau - Because it's 2016

When oil was ~$100, Bombardier went all in on a whisper - quiet,  fuel efficient plane. Now they are running out of cash, and it's your problem.

When oil was ~$100, Alberta's population swelled, sometimes adding as much as 100,000 new residents a year. Now the price of oil has fallen 77%. And it's your problem.  The Alberta premier is asking you for a cash bailout.

The previous government lowered taxes and squandered billions on curling rinks, gazebos, and volunteer firefighter tax credits when times were good, so now you find yourself hamstrung and in debt right out of the gate, since I doubt any oil company is going to have meaningful profit to pay taxes on for awhile.

And you have people all over social media complaining about you. The left thinks you're too pro Israel and pro Saudi.  The right thinks you're too pro muslim and pro Syrian refugee. Everyone is going to associate you with spending too much money, even though you didn't create the situation. "He's just like his father!"

Dude, why the hell did you want this job again?

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