Saturday, 14 November 2015

PARIS -Le Lendemain/The Morning After

11/14/2015 >   > D’abord j’aimerais offrir aux Français mes condoléances sincères.  La France est un pays très important pour moi, je n’ai que des bons souvenirs du temps j’y ai vécu, et je continue de cotoyer des Français au quotidien ici à Montréal.  Paris est une ville très spéciale et ça fait mal, tout simplement.  La solidarité est donc de mise à travers le monde, et je pense bien vous allez en voir. >   > First of all let me say that France is a very special country for me.  I have very fond memories of the time that I lived there and continue to interact with French people often here in Montreal.  Paris is a great city and this hurts, condoleances and solidarity are the order of the day. >   > I have something else to say that is burning me up inside.  This is to all the right wing demagogues and ideologues on tv, on the radio, in the press, and especially on twitter, who immediately exploited this tragic event for their own personal ax-grinding, unable to resist that their own cynical impulses to not only kick dirt in the faces of their political opponents, but to suggest that said opponents’ “softness” or “relativism” was somehow responsible for the deaths of ~129 people.  Here’s an example from Stephen Harper inner-circle alumnus Gerry Nicholls. >  
> Let me give you ignoramuses a little history lesson.  Attention spans these days are compressed to micro seconds.  People have short memories.  Everything is “instant reaction! instant reaction! knee-jerk!” .   So you probably forget all the other times this has happened. Let’s look back at terrorist attacks perpetrated against the west by racial islamists in the past 17 years.  US Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania August 7 1998. New York Sept 11 2001. Madrid March 11 2004.  London July 7 2005.  Paris November 13 2015.   Those are just the notable ones that I remember; there are hundreds worldwide every year.  Right wing governments have been in power in Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and France for many of the years during this period.  This begs the question: what exactly would you have done differently, in the past and today, that makes you feel entitled to fucking moralize against the population at large as if you belong to some enlightened minority who “understand the threat” and the “urgency to act” at a time like this? >   > I’ll give you an example of what your urgency to act has given us.  Two lifelong piece of shit dictators removed by Western military forces in Iraq and Libya, which has created highly destabilized countries where the populations are more vulnerable to sectarian warfare, lawlessness reigns and corruption is rampant.  The kind of place that is a fertile breeding ground for organizations like ISIS. >   > Excuse me if I am skeptical in the face of your tough-guy bullshit that sees the world like a giant playground we just need to walk across and kick some ass in. >   > Refusing to be cowered, suspicious, and afraid is how you defeat brainwashed murderous ideologues like ISIS.  You are letting them win the war by fanning the flames of division and clamouring for a world war.  I live my life with my head held high everyday with no fear of Islamic terrorists.  We live in western countries with world class spy and surveillance apparatuses and police and military personnel.  If some piece of garbage extremist wants to kill innocent people where I live he’s going to have to get past all those hard working people doing their jobs, and THEN he’s going to have to kill himself, because those people won’t let him survive for 2 seconds once it becomes apparent what he’s doing.  If I was at that show yesterday I might not have survived but alas, that could not have been prevented in all these tragic deaths.  SO spare me all your lecturing directed at “bleeding hearts” like you’re somehow the principled and upstanding members of the human race…the fact that you would use this terrible time to plunge us into a maelstrom of vile and incendiary rhetoric says a lot more about your weakness of character then your “resolve”.  I’ll take my chances of surviving every day like every other human on earth does and all of your reckless mouth-frothing will not change that one iota. >   > Even Justin Fuckin Bieber sounded a million times more enlightened than any of you last night.  That says a lot. Get a grip already