Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fuck Off Government!

Or more specifically, fuck off with any and all your busybody, know it all, moralistic, finger-wagging, self-satisfied hypocritical BULLSHIT conceived with the sole purpose in mind of telling individuals what to do, legislating in the name of some vague, enlightened, imaginary, well-meaning majority with your endless tinkering and social engineering, wasting everyone's time starting fake "debates" about subjects which concern nobody but the people whose shit you are fucking with.  Fuck off.

I am willing for all my credibility to be discarded, wrapped in the words "expletive laden-rant", even though in our lightning-speed twitter verse nobody remembers anything from two seconds ago and the only way you get people's attention anymore is with precisely that.  Like anyone has the attention span left to read some well-thought out, erudite treatise on thousands of flashing blue ipad bulbs while text and instagram dings go off.  This is subject is too important for me not to douse my internal fire in curse word gasoline.  Any legislation that has to do with individual choices, individual freedoms, and individual preferences has to go down in flames.  Governments around the world need to take notice.  WE ARE F____ING ADULTS AND DO NOT THINK THAT WINNING OR STEALING AN ELECTION GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO TELL PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIVES.

My indignation started today when I listened to this guest on Q, Doctor who cares on the line from Newton, Massachusetts, who went to testify in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom where Prime Minister David Cameron's government is proposing to BAN PORN on a NATIONAL BASIS and HUMILIATE adults by making them 'opt in' to view the banned stuff behind the firewall.  In other words, installing children's parental controls in a nation of adults.  Why? Oh because our poor children are being exposed to it with their fancy tech devices, and we need this big stupid inept government to solve the problem for us.  I've got an idea British government, why don't you GET A FUCKING LIFE instead of letting your mind be poisoned by sick people spreading lies.

You should have heard this woman go on to the absolutely toothless host (not Jian) in her choky little British voice about the "violence" and the "atrocities" and the "torture" being committed against women "on virtually all porn on the internet" (her words).  According to her, you have to search for an hour to find porn that does not contain these things.  And this woman has a phd.  I've got news for Doctor who cares: consensual sex of any kind between any two adults is legal.  If they agree to both do it on camera this is also legal.  And if a 40 year old 400 pound guy who can't leave his house or get any uses his credit card to pay to watch this to satisfy his human needs, this is also legal.  This goes on every day, and its perfectly fine.  Rape is illegal, forcible confinement is illegal and engaging in porn making or purchasing while a minor is illegal.  Now if doctor can provide me some current examples of laws being broken with internet porn, instead of inflaming a non issue with incendiary rhetoric because current levels of permissiveness offend her prudish sensibilities, I will stand to be corrected.  The thing is, I know she can't, and I don't care, but she's brainwashed British lawmakers and at least one Canadian one in the process.  This fascist suggest we go as far as Iceland which is considering not allowing men to purchase porn with Icelandic credit cards.  Sorry, but what works for a country that is basically a giant inbred village should not be scaled up to make the world a global creepster fascist internet.

Down south, 40 years after roe vs. wade we still have renegade republican governors unilaterally passing anti-abortion laws and laws doing everything they can to humiliate, degrade, and make life difficult for young women needing abortions (because there's a group of people who have it too easy in this world).  Meanwhile in NYC, the irreproachable global capital of all that is cool, hip, intellectual, rich, fit and...irreporoachable, outgoing mayor Mike Bloomberg was unsuccessful in his bids to ban Big Gulps and smoking for the Tri-State area's 30 million residents.  Hard to believe a guy who made 27 billion on Wall Street doesn't understand the role of vice in the capitalist machine or that a few of those pennies haven't somehow slithered their way into Coca-Cola, McDonalds, or Philip Morris shares.  But no.  A poor old guy or lady on a fixed income whose main simple pleasures consist of those things, and I'm sure there are millions of them in North America, needs a lesson from one of the true members of the global elite, needs to put the smoke and the pepsi down and go for a jog and make something of him or herself. For the first time. At 57.

Every week I hear or read something, whether it's Hungary harassing artists not supporting its governments' new fascist revisionist history narrative, to Vladimir Putin and all his macho-men crook henchman harassing gays, to the less-publicized but equally life-ruining gay harassment that goes on in Jamaica and Uganda with the bullshit macho, pseudo-evangelical cultures these countries have that are the fallout from their colonizations, to China harassing Tibetans by banning them from speaking Tibetan in Lhasa, to Dalton McGuinty harassing pitbull owners, and today with the minority government here in Quebec deciding to harass people wearing bits of cloth that, all other factors excluded, prevent them in no way from acquitting themselves of their responsibilities as employees of the state - I come to the same conclusion after much reflection - just stop fucking with people`s shit! And guess who is fucking people over, in all of these cases? Government.

The government providing health care and education to its citizens or forcing banks to keep some money on hand so they don`t gamble it all away is not what I`m attacking.  Governments who single out people with the goal of making their life difficult are.  And unbelievably, these governments not only still exist in 2014, but the examples of them are manifold!

Stop thinking you know what's best for people.  Stop telling people what to do.  Go do something useful, like defend the integrity of private property and markets, or protecting the environment and biodiversity.

Fuck off government, everywhere!

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