Monday, 14 January 2013

Just for fun...

I registered on the Liberal Party of Canada's website this evening as a supporter.

Why? I have the opportunity to send a message to the party I have criticized at great length on this blog.  I have nothing to lose.  And they made it easy.

I have become very disillusioned with politics in general, especially in Canada.  I just finished the excellent BBC book Nippon: Japan, New Superpower since 1945  and one of the main themes of this book is how the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan has held on to power for 60 years uncontested despite shameless patronage, systematic corruption and entirely undemocratic, authoritarian tendencies.

Other than some allowances for cultural specificities and their natural inheritance of a feudal, communal society's power structure, what was the LDP's biggest asset in keeping power for so long? A weak and divided opposition.

So I will vote in this Liberal leadership contest, but it is going to be for a progressive person, preferably a woman with independent ideas and above all a realistic perspective.  By realistic perspective I mean someone who sees the writing on the wall. I have had quite enough of the NDP and old Liberal hacks and Elizabeth May all strutting around with their chests puffed out like roosters saying their party is cruising to a majority landslide in 2015 without a sniff of irony in their voices.  It's time for Canada's non-CPC political class to hear a very blunt message from this disengaged voter who hopes he represents the grassroots when he says None of your shitty, inflated egos are going to matter when the cons cruise to yet another victory in 2015.  So get to the bargaining table, call up the fellow opposition members and start negotiating.  Even if it means something really irritating, like Liz at the cabinet table.

I am really doing this to see if the Liberal Party really has changed like it says it has.  Because this is its one chance to prove it.  And deep down inside I am sad, because I know I will be disappointed, just like I always am.  Smart, accomplished, pragmatic women like Martha Hall Findlay and Joyce Murray who could breathe life into the party and renew it will be swept aside by the behind the scenes machinations of power brokers, that same elitist downtown toronto backroom boys cabal who brought you the roaring successes of Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, and the steady hand and managerial competence of Dalton McGuinty.  These guys are working around the clock as we speak to ensure we suffer the slow-motion train wreck that is known as Justin Trudeau.  At least they made it easy for me to go online and oppose it, before they prevail and I walk away once and for all.

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