Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Congratulations Barack, but...

...I don't know what conclusions I would have drawn this morning if I found out you were bested by a sprawling void wrapped in an empty vessel filling up a stuffed suit.  I was elated to learn that at least a razor-thin majority of your compatriots are not retarded.  I mean, seriously, how could anybody vote for that guy?

I could go on like a lot of disillusioned people about your "failures" but what's done is done, and guess what word comes after "fiscal" first now when you type it into google?  Cliff.  So deal with that.  Even though you are under less pressure to deliver results now that you have secured re-election, I know you will try.  Because you are a good guy.

And that's all I can say.  The Fed, The Pentagon, The military industrial complex, Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Coal, Newscorp, Time Warner, Apple, Microsoft, and Hollywood (McDonald's Starbucks Wal-Mart Nike) ran America on November 5th and they're still running it today on November 7th.  So I don't think you really changed anything and I don't think you are going to change anything.  But it still would be an honour to meet you.

Because you're biggest accomplishment has been laying bare the ideological bankruptcy of the republican party.  Let's face it, the American economy and public sector both being in the state they're in, this election was theirs to lose.  And what did they do with this opportunity? Draft a mormon who advances his positions with as much conviction as a pile of freshly cut toenails, give him an anti-government Ayn Rand-disciple crusader whose salary has been 100% paid by the taxpayer his entire adult life (and still is - he hung onto his congressional seat simultaneously just in case) as a running mate, and throw in a couple redneck nutjob Senate candidates talking about rape, abortion, and god in 2012 and yeah, this morning's pleasant surprise wasn't such a surprise after all.

I don't think the Democratic Party is a paragon of virtue, or hope, or sound management, or competence.  But two party democracy, flawed and undemocratic as it is, needs at least two parties.  So why don't you republicans try to find some real f------ politicians for next time (all but certain to be Chris Christie I think)?  And drop that "GOP" acronym.  Grand 'Ole Party? More like Goofball Obsolete Putzses.

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