Monday, 16 July 2012

Gas Plant Cancellation - The Last Straw

In case anybody who comes here is convinced of the contrary, let me just say I have no pre-existing or dogmatic dislike of the Ontario Liberal Party.

I am not a troll on a forum who throws insults and catcalls at anyone I perceive to be Liberal, a label I use to  describe people as morally deficient, wilfully blinded, and suffering from early-onset dementia.

I was never in danger of supporting, say Tim Hudak, who can go on all he wants about waste and mismanagement, but was part of a government that paid big buck$$ to fill in a subway tunnel that was already dug on Eglinton Ave., the damn line they still are trying to build today 15 years later.  Not to mention the debt we still cover on our hydro bills from that botched Ontario Hydro privatization.  And how far ahead did that whole water treatment privatization/deregulation scheme put the province after every resident of Walkerton had to be compensated?

No, the leader of the opposition's a gasbag and I'm not telling you to dust off your tory blue signs.  What I am telling you is Ontario's man-in-charge, premier Dalton McGuinty, took the taxpayers of this province for a ride last fall that he's going to regret.  He cancelled a gas-fired power plant, that was already under construction with concrete and transformers on site, because some old ladies brandished placards opposing it.  

Take a look at those hotties' faces Dalton.  This is what you gave up 9 years of majority government for.  I hope it was worth it.

This government's made some mistakes.  They've pulled the wool over our eyes a few times.  They've gotten away with brassy scandals like eHealth and ORNGE.  But this is just fucking pathetic.  Excuse the profanity but I only use it if it's really deserved.

Let's see...5.5 million out of 13 million Ontarians live in the GTA, and it's starved for power (A number greatly inflated by this and previous governments non-existent urban planning).  The GTA is something like the 6th largest economy in Canada and it's basically powered by two long extension cords - one going out east to the nuclear reactors in Pickering and Darlington, and one snaking west down to the Nanticoke coal plant on Lake Erie.  So a plant burning natural gas (much cleaner than coal, cheap, and without the risk and intense capital requirements of nuclear) is halfway built inside the GTA, and this one guy, our premier has the authority to tear it down. 

I don't know how such a catastrophe can happen.  But he's gonna pay for it.  You read it here first.

I can see the Liberal war room and spin machine running full tilt right now.  "Oh, it's summer, so nobody pays attention to politics." "Oh, they said we were done with e health and ornge" "Oh, we just gotta win this Kitchener Waterloo by-election and we got a majority again."

No big deal.

I beg to differ.

When a critical mass of Ontarians realize not only at what point Dalton abused his executive privilege and the public trust, to move a vital infrastructure capital project to friggin' Sarnia, they'll be mad.  (Know how much of that power generated in Sarnia is still available by the time it arrives in Toronto? Much less).  When they realized that the only reason he did this was to save seats (already common, public knowledge), this guy is going to appear so full of BS he will turn into electoral plutonium.  Can you imagine how this would play out in a leader's debate? How could you defend this without sounding like a complete moron?  Is a town (Waterloo) voted an Internation Intelligent Community in 2007 filled with people this stupid, to vote for a party led by someone willing to engage in such a pointless and irresponsible action?

The most sickening thing about all this is not the pathetic desperation or the wasted money, it's the calculation.  The sheer calculation that Dalton himself personally puts into this.  This man is willing to coddle and cowtow to the GTA suburbs to no end.  If you live in a rough Northern mining town, a medium sized burned-out Southern rest belt city, or an Eastern francophone village in Ontario, Dalton and the Liberals pretty much take you for granted and know they can count on your support.  What's the worst you can do, elect an NDP candidate? No sleep lost.

But if you are a 905 suburbanite, belly up to the taxpayer funded, open bar where Dalton's whipping bottles around like T Cruise in Cocktail.  You've got a McMansion, two leased cars and 2.5 kids? Ding Ding Ding lucky day.  You're the "Ontario Families" the Liberals of Dalton McGuinty are the tireless champions of!

Don't believe me? Oakville's gas plant was cancelled too, but at least it wasn't already in the process of being built.  2008? How'd you like this nice, 2.2 billion$ auto sector bailout, Durham?  And now the stinker to end all stinkers, the creme de la creme, the Mississauga gas plant cancellation.

See, it's not just your, um, demographics.  We've literally got parents with kids all over the place.  It's just that you guys in the suburbs, well, we know you like to vote conservative.  You've done it before.  And the suburban, higher income quadrants you reside in are literally just packed with the status-quo lovin', well-paid government employees we also hate pissing off.  Who else could afford to live there?  Teachers, cops, doctors, office workers and senior functionaries of all types - precious 905 votes, assiduously courted by the Liberals.  Toronto is the legislative capital after all, and you guys keep it going.

No, you really do.  No disrespect to any hardworking public employees residing the 905.  But to you and all my fellow Ontario residents, remember the next time an OLP candidate knocks on your door to employ a good bit of Irish slang and say forward together my arse.  The premier is Irish after all.  And I'm tired of living in his fantasy world with no consequences.

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