Monday, 23 July 2012

Dear Rob...

A few days later: The media reaction to the mayor of Toronto’s rant about gang members, to which I responded with the below letter that I’m still considering mailing to his office, was largely confused.  Is he talking about immigrants? Does he want to expel immigrants? Surely the mayor is not stupid enough to think he can restrict Canadian Citizens’ movements in and out of the city of Toronto?  Media, you made this more complicated than it needed to be, and gave the mayor too much credit.  I can assure you, and all the remarks he’s made confirm as much, that the mayor does want to expel Canadians from the city, and he is that stupid.

Dear Rob,

In response to your latest statement that gang members should "permanently leave the city and go somewhere else", I have three questions:

#1) Why would the mayor of "anywhere else" be any more willing than you are to have them around?

#2) Exactly what constitutional authority do you or does anyone in the city of toronto exercise to be able to force anybody to go anywhere? And even if you did

#3)With what mechanism (and again, with what constitutional authority) do you propose to limit Canadian citizens' entry to the city of toronto?

I understand a tragedy happened and you may have been a bit emotional, but such an ignorant and ridiculous statement by a person in a position of authority like yours is totally inexcusable.  It demonstrates that you clearly inhabit an idealistic dream world in which you can wish your problems away, and that you cannot be counted on to exhibit any leadership or good judgment in a difficult moment such as this.  As if everywhere outside the 416 area code is some parallel universe with excess capacity to take all your poor city’s problems on.

Just to clarify your remarks, you later said that you were going to lobby the Premier and the Prime Minister to “everything in their power”.  And that you wanted people permanently expelled, or in your words “no getting out of jail and coming back to live in the city again. Go somewhere else.”

I think it’s going to take a couple of days before everyone’s emotions settle, but rest assured when they do, people will notice what I can’t believe mainstream news sources haven’t already when they published your comments – that this is some of the dumbest, most misinformed shit any Canadian politician has ever said, even compared to all your previous nincompoop diatribes.

I can picture it now – “ok, just sign this lease…” HOLY CRAP!  The Ford brothers are busting the door down! (like that’s hard for them).  Oh, sorry, I guess you’re in violation of their new “Go somewhere else” statute.  Yeah, that looks pretty painful, getting dragged by both ears by two 300 pound oafs.  Looks like you’re going to have to take the bus back from the other side of Steeles where they drop you off.”

Thanks for making my hometown an international embarrassment every time you open your dumb ass mouth, mr mayor.  Then again, what else should be expected from two uneducated chumps like you and your brother, who inherited their successful dad’s business and political connections and think they’re fortune 500 CEOs?  I guess the real blame for my disgust lies at the feet of the 347000 morons who actually voted for you.

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