Monday, 22 August 2011

Lacking Credentials Salutes Jack Layton's Contribution To Canadian Public Life

Jack Layton’s death has united the country in grief. He was a man who led by example and genuinely believed in his ideas. I found him to be an inspiration because he was true to himself and honest throughout his professional career, even if he occasionally crossed lines or was immodest. It was inspiring because his electoral successes and accomplishments only increased with time. I think we can all accomplish great things that are important to us if we persist at what is important to us with the same determination he persisted at politics from 1982-2011. Far from fatiguing of his demeanour and views after four election campaigns, Canadian voters endorsed his party to the tune of a record 30% of votes cast in spring 2011, despite the Canadian media's persistent and dogged attempts to paint the NDP as a “fringe” party. Whether people will work hard to maintain the party at its current nadir or whether it will stumble back into the relative obscurity it experienced before he took the helm remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the New Democratic party, the Canadian Parliament, and Canada’s political class is weakened by the unexpected passing of this man who I admit, as many Canadians would, irritated me from time to time, but for whom I gained over a real respect, and whose party I regret not voting for in the last election.

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