Monday, 21 June 2010

Me and the (comment board of the) CBC

This guy (it surely is a guy) doesn't haven't a name or a face. He's 1 out of 600+ comments. Nobody. Yet his bullet points eerily resembled things I hear all the time, from the most subtle to the most overt. His arguments are in fact a picture of having mastered doing what you're told to perfection

I see that all the conspiracy theorists, anarchists, socialists, welfare cases and other free riders are out in force tonight.

Yeah. Nothing like labels to drive your lack of an argument home. If you are so convinced that these people are pathetic, useless, pointless leeches, then why do they get under your skin to the point of you going online and describing them in these pejorative terms?

Did you ever consider the possibility of getting a real job and working to solve your issues from the inside, rather than taking them to the streets?

This is really one of the richest aspects of angry, status quo lovin' rhetoric. You're just saving the world, going to work and paying your taxes. Which obviously nobody else does except you. You got that real job you have on the strength of your wits and the sweat of your brow, never getting a cent from anybody. Those roads you drive on, that education you got, that unemployment you wouldn't hesitate to collect if you haven't already, you're entitled to those entitlements. But the rest of society is just a parasitic slush fund that dares to encroach on the fruits of your hard labour. I go to work and pay taxes just like you, and you know what? This is supposed to be a democracy, a marketplace of ideas, and I have every right as a citizen to be diametrically opposed to your fascist demands to conform.

Do you really think that anyone apart from your cohorts give a damn about what you have to say? Do you really know anybody, who, when they hear that 1% of the world's population controls 90% of its wealth, are okay with that fact? Do you know anybody who can defend real estate speculation, resource pillaging, hideous sprawl development, corporate consolidation, and the World Bank and IMF with honest, intellectual arguments as fair and beneficial forces that work in humanity's best interests? These are not true capitalist structures, and they are not deserving of the influence they hold. Many an intellectually honest conservative has denounced these things for the damaging and monopolistic parasitic forces that they are.

Don't you think that if we didn't have to spend a small fortune protecting ourselves against your idiocy, we might have a little more money available to address your issues? Yes, because these are "our" issues. Not your issues. We're not in this together. You're in your irreproachable little bubble, and the forces I described in my previous rebuttal either don't concern you or work in your favour. What makes Canada so special to have this cost 20x what it cost in other Western countries? Well, what's special is the vindictive little prick prime minister wants to flex his muscles and put the elite liberals in his hometown that doesn't vote for him in their place. He just had to have this thing THERE, in the biggest population centre of a largely barren country with the world's second largest land mass. And this government doesn't mind spending money on that. Just look at the war on drugs they're trying to launch and the prisons their mouths are watering in the hope of building. Yes, if everyone agreed with the government, then we wouldn't need any of this. But that would make us a totalitarian regime, which high-falutin right wing colleagues such as yourself claim to be so ardently opposed to.

The sad truth is that you just enjoy the thought of being activists. You have nothing valuable to say or contribute, so why not just bitch about everything?
And you seem to be so happy and complacent about things just the way they are, so why not just sit on your arse and call it a day? Do you think the enlightenment thinker-influenced American and French revolutionaries should have just packed it in? They could have said, well, hey, at least we're not cavemen. Look how great our lives are compared to hunter gatherers. But they didn't. And I suspect that you have since benefited from it. Protesting may seem lame to you, but fiercely defending the status quo with vitriol is even lamer.

You are indeed fortunate to live in a country that allows your protests. Many of the regimes you seek to emulate would have you jailed or shot as traitors. Which is clearly what you wish would happen here

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