Sunday, 11 April 2010

Professional Update

I'm sitting here on my computer, and because my next posting is still incubating, I am just going to write some bullet points. Not terribly interesting, but nobody reads this thing anyway, so it will at least remind myself where I am taking this ship.

-I have decided to make proceeding with edits on my 2009 Nanowrimo entry "The Safe" my top spare time priority.

-My latest short story competition results were not good. I am off that beat for now.

-I want to write here twice a week but it has fallen back to one (next posting - Monday?)

-My desk is a terrible mess of papers, articles, scraps of writing, and I just bought five books today that I'll never have time to read.

-I am excited to sign up for a six week, online course with the University of Waterloo this week to step up my game a bit

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