Monday, 1 February 2010

One Day At A Time in Al-Blog

Yes, um, my name is Christopher and I'm a blog-a-holic. No, not really. I'm not addicted per se to posting my own entries; what I cannot seem to stop doing as of late is hitting that "next blog' button and getting transported to the sites of others bangin' their lives away on the QWERTY keys. There are some real gems out there. But mostly there are way too many boring American families (yes - a whole family needs an entire blog to itself) who can't seem to find anything to say about life without Jesus Christ somehow being involved with it. And whose kids may have names such as "Bridge" and "Kyler" (I especially like this one. Like a Tyler-Kyle hybrid. The two quintessential North American boys names with that 'Iyal" sound. Once I knew four guys living in a house named Bryan, Byron, Ryan, and Kyran. That was f___)n jock-er-iffic.)

Of course these bloggers have every right to post just like me, and actually their sites usually are a lot more visually appealing and professional. I just want them to know that their kid only looks cute to them. And I wish many of these people's paragraphs were spoken on a therapists couch instead of written on the internet. But hey, saves money right? And makes you feel good. Now if only I could stop hitting that link. As I said There are some gems I stumble upon, bright lights, chinese writing, funny people. But the people I'm whining about seem to be a clear majority. And I'm not in BA (Bloggers Anonymous) yet, but my life is being affected by other people's excessiveness. (Al-Blog). And I'M getting through that really by just taking it one day at a time.

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