Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Totally Extreme

It's not rare for us to see the word extreme as "consumers" (I prefer being a "citizen", personally). In the gradual erosion of restraint and moderation in the western collective mindset, brands appeal to our desire to go the distance to accomplish our teeth cleaning (extreme clean) and snacking (extreme doritos) with as much vigour as possible.

While there's nothing extreme about fresh breath or shitty tasting chips, I would like to implore all companies to stop using this term that used to be reserved for things that were actually, well, extreme. If people are desensitized to this word, how are we going to get their attention when something actually is extreme?

Because I read about something today that is extreme. No, not like "Dude, that's extreme). This is a feature that talks about how the angry right wing sentiments and goals of diverse groups is fermenting and coalescing around common purpose. The nativists (anti-illegal immigrant), the tea party movement, the oath keepers, and michigan militia style militias are getting together, buying guns, meeting, and blogging. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they'll be rallying around one woman who I don't like to mention who was the vice presidential nominee in a few years.

So let's see: they're white trash, they're racist, they're heavily armed, and they've cooked up a bunch of revisionist bullshit to act like they are the defenders of the true original america. What's interesting is that while they don't pay taxes or take an interest in participating, they were mostly dormant during the bush years. And now they are surging. Going as far to say that Obama has created a network of concentration camps.

It sounds crazy, right? Normal people like you don't have to worry about these crazies. I'm afraid not. Globalization has made islam and christianity co-exist in a global media landscape and I might be generalizing but it fuels resentment and extremism. Just check out douchebag number one or closer to home, douche bag number two to see some influential thinkers hard at work spreading anger and hatred. See all those stickers you can order on the first site?

I'm writing this because vigilance is required to continually call people out who are "extremists". Because they are extremely loud and hard working. Nobody takes them seriously and then they are victorious. Like Christoph Blocher's movement in Switzerland that banned minarets with scary looking, burka-missile ads.

Humanity should have bigger fish to fry. But there are the barnacles of hate eating away at its mental ship. If they cause enough leaks, they could sink it.

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