Tuesday, 19 January 2010

No Drama Obama

Amid endless punditry and overkill media analysis essentially repeating the same obvious consensuses (consensi - what is the plural of consensus?), I would like to make some observations and (hopefully) original conclusions of year one under the United States president.

Will I use the "D" word? No, I'm not disappointed, probably because I haven't noticed a difference between my life under W. and Obama. That's the honest to god truth I don't live in America, after all. Or one of the 63 countries it has a military presence in. That can't be confirmed. But I mean, not one of the really insulting ones. Like Greece or Japan.

That is to say, I'm not disappointed on a personal level. But that said, it is a bit of a bummer that a year later, the nations of earth are not living in perfect harmony and we're not all driving jetson-style low flying hybrids and talking on our solar powered blackberries, eating organic produce by teleport. That's what I thought the U.S. electorate signed up for.

Instead, we have a guy who is so bogged down, just a cog trying to lift an enormously dysfunctional machine from slipping into the abyss. And I don't care how sculpted that cog's six pack is or how good he is at free throws, it just ain't gonna happen. 24 hour news, washington lobbyists, and people within your own party that only care about pandering to their constituents and getting reelected are too much for anyone to overcome, and they've corroded the democratic republic to the point where so much is wrong that its impossible to take steps in the right direction. There's no coherence, no narrative, no discipline. Trying to please everybody and compromise and set lofty goals doesn't work in politics, especially north american politics. Unfortunately, thanks to the neo-con revolution, you have to be a bare-knuckled asshole machiavellian to pull it off.

But enough punditry from the sidelines. Who cares what I, or any of these assholes for that matter, think about what really amounts to aesthetics and optics. If this man is to succeed he going to need less of those. Please, even as a fan, tired of seeing your face and speeches on TV everyday. If you make so many brilliant speeches noone is going to remember any of them. Here of some things that Obama could do, unilaterally, right now, really start to fix america and make the rest of the world start to like them.

-End wars in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and close all U.S military bases outside the United States
-Increase taxes to, start small, like, 65% on anyone earning over, I don't know, half a mil.
_Start a tax to pay off the debt, on a sliding scale. A dollar per citizen per week. In three weeks you get a billion dollars. Then again, since they 13,000 billion dollars, that's gonna take 39,000 weeks...let's see...calculator...oh, it's not too bad. Only 750 years
-Break up Monsanto and other monopolies under anti-trust legislation and regain and redemocratize control of the food suplly
-Grant immediate amnesty to all illegal immigrants, who are your most productive citizens since they're fighting for their lives and if they don't work, they don't eat.
-Start taxing flights and heavy vehicles to reduce emissions and increase revenue.
-Get, way, WAY tougher on Wall Street. These guys took government money (or as I like to say, government printed value) All their misadventures are well documented in Vanity Fair and other publications. They don't have a leg to stand on.

Fighting the Republicans or any of these other know it all assholes on these issues as matters of principles would be a no-brainer. They'd help America and they'd start to address its fundamental problems. But they don't want to hear and Obama doesn't want to hear it. He thinks he's going to win them over with wishy washy rhetoric and platitudes but are going to sound like the biggest bullshit ever if he doesnt accomplish anything soon. But he can't separate himself from the machine as easily as we thought. He's one of them after all. And if there's one thing I've learned watching them, it's that they really are their own worst enemy.

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