Thursday, 10 December 2009

Welcome to the Lacking Credentials Web Log

It has been ten years roughly since the phenomenon known as "blogs" entered into existence. And although it never occurred to me to get on board with it, I have reluctantly embraced it on the eve of the two thousand teen decade. It seems like an appropriate milestone to start on. So, what is this "blog" thing all about, anyway?

For a long time, I thought blogs were part of this narcississtic cult of self worship on the internet where people who once would be considered ordinary now updated their thoughts and musings, however pointless, on a bunch of free applications. I admit to have gotten sucked in by facebook myself. Which brings me to why I'm here. I do peruse a fair bit of content every day and think I have something to say about it. Yes, so I am joining the crowd, at the point where this has become completely mundane for them.

But is it just blogging, for the sake of spewing my opinions that I assume someone cares about? Is it to admit I was wrong and embrace "new social media"? Is it to chronicle my daily life in some kind of pathetic display diary? No, no, and no. It is just a new way to extract words out of myself. I'm an aspiring writer. The facebook page is ill-suited to this purpose, starting a website is too expensive and time consuming, and I will not get anywhere near that infantile verbal diarrhea fest known as twitter. Now instead of writing notes on facebook, attempting to send mass emails, or posting links I can waste all my time on this consolidated medium and actually create some good content out of all the content I can't seem to stop looking at.

That was easy. I just lost my blog post virginity. Here we go, into the 2K10 and beyond...

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