Friday, 11 December 2009

And your great country you're so proud of complicit in...torture!

We have a government with a clear contempt for parliamentary institutions. And thanks to the reporting in this newspaper, they are now being forced to acknowledge that they have lied and torture has happenerd under the Canadian Army's watch.

Despite insistence by certain leading political columnists like Chantal H├ębert at the star and John Ibbitson that torture will never be a ballot box issue, it clearly is hurting the cons. The cover up attempt more than the incidenc(es) (them)selves. This governments obstinate refusal to ever, ever admit any wrongdoing which has earned it so many props in political strategy circles could now seriously hurt it. Although Tories probably just have their fingers crossed that the public has a short memory and an extended consumer-mas vacation followed by some equally costly and excessive olympics will make them feel better and remember to get back in line.

Maybe, but one thing is for sure. You know things are desperate when the neo-conservative political tactic of the 21st century, ignoring human rights and blacking out information in the name of "national security", is used. Which is where the government is at now, with their latest reaction to being held accountable by this bill.

And thirty percent of all former Canadian ambassadors and counting rising to Richard Colvin's defence shows that there are prominent independant voices willing to speak out against the government, something it absolutely can't stand.

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